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Jim asks:

>	What happened in 1993?  Que oggi??

In few days bombs exploded in Florence and Rome, an another train crash was
avoided and a golpe was careless. The mafia was accused for bombs but
interlacing between mafia policy and business is proved ( Falcone died for
this reason); golpe was considered a sun-stroke of a funny general.

>	Not sure I 'capisce' the above... Ustica??

Only the strong will of the relatives of victims has avoided the silence
falls on this
terrible tragedy : a night on june 1980 in the sky of Ustica (little island
near Sycily) a civil flight of ATI crashed killing hundred people. Slowely
the incredible truth is for discovering: a witness describes this scenery:

a destined victime : Gheddafi in segret flight to eastern country
a traior who saves him let his flight change suddenly the trajectory : a
member of italian government
the false goal: the ATI flight shifted on a different trajectory by order
left from
no-defined flight command
the innocent victims : the passengers killed twice, by a rock and by an
explosive charge put under the cockpit when the aircraft alighted.
the killers : the sky and the sea around Ustica were full of people that night.

There is a interesting movie " The wall of gum ", you try in US.
If you are interested and you know how traslate it I can send you the
complete version
of witness.

>	I once watched an Italian movie on late-night TV that was
>more-or-less a 'parody' of the coup/golpe attempt. It was a black comedy
>and was actually funny some times -- when it wasn't scary.
>	Being in the Italian language, I missed a lot of the subtleties
>(little things)... Do you know of this film?? How accurate was it?

the movie seems a parody but it desribes the reality : the golpe was a parody
stopped by RAIN.

>> I thing the strategy of tension had at the beginning a destabilizing
>> function and in the last cases, instead, a stabilizing function.
>> In the '70 years the crysis of italian society seemed to have an outlet on
>> the left signed by a great electoral successes of Comunist Party and the
>> achievment
>> of very important victories for the workers and students.
>	Yes, the 'heady' days of 'Euro-communism'...
>> It was the golpe in Chile to determine a particular development of italian
>> political situation : PCI began the policy of "Historical Compromised" which
>> strategically meaned a government togheter Christian Democracy or better
>> that side of DC drived by Aldo Moro ;
>	And today we have the 'Democratic Party of the Left'. What do you
>think about this??  A 'cop-out' (mistake)?

Read my precedent reply.

>	Moro was simply kidnapped and killed by 'communists'. Period. I
>have heard that it is _proven_ that it was the fascists who were behind
>the BR. In Europa, I'm sure the story is MUCH different than over here..!
>	You would think it would be plain to everyone here that only the
>fascists/NATO had anything to gain from his kidnapping...

Much more complex : two years after a member of regional government of Campania
(Naples) was still kidnapped by BR: DC contracted his freedom path secrete
and neapolitan mafia ( camorra) for five million of dollars; he was made free.
Fascists are only a mean never the projector of a plain and however in Italy the
behindology is a science.

>	I think the PCI had an absolutely wrong policy. Is this what you

PCI has ever had a liberal soul in its rightside of Amendola and Napolitano;
the fear of win the leadership of the country and the desire to show its
face yelded a policy no-outlet.




            il sonno della ragione genera mostri

            the sleep of reason generate monsters

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