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On Thu, 15 Jun 1995, ANIELLO MARGIOTTA wrote:

> this reason); golpe was considered a sun-stroke of a funny general.

	Yah.  Funny, funny...

> There is a interesting movie " The wall of gum ", you try in US.
> If you are interested and you know how traslate it I can send you the
> complete version
> of witness.

	'The Wall of Gum', or the Ustica incident?

> the movie seems a parody but it desribes the reality : the golpe was a parody
> stopped by RAIN.


> Fascists are only a mean never the projector of a plain and however in Italy
> behindology is a science.

	'Behindology'?  That's a new one!  |>

	Same here for 'la cosa nostra' -- the means, not the 'projector'
of the means...

	Relatedly:  Not too many years ago the Canadian government used
'bikers' as strikebreakers during a postal strike.  Imagine:  The legal,
_respectable_ Government of Canada using criminal gangsters in a half-open
naked show of power... Bikers also work for the mafia here.  I expect
either to make FULL use of these thugs in any future crisis...


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