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>I ju
>think that there ought to be more out there in cyberspace, and I thought that
>it might be possible to make something more of the group.  If people are
>content with the group as it is, that's OK.  I just think that the question
>should be put on the table from time to time.
Scott: I don't really disagree with this either. 'Cocktail marxism' was a
bit cynical. And I do think the passion of Richard's post was refreshing.
People for whom this list is their main form of activity are silly armchair
radicals and quite sterile if they can't bring ideas to the table that have
been bounced off real struggle and face to face people. I also get
frustrated at the lack of response to real situations and examples that are
posted, but instead long 'nuanced' esoteric posts on the fine
interpretations of issues - as I've said before, Talmud scholar style. There
is also the 'nerd' as social misfit type problem with most lists that might
also be a factor. IE: people who 'mouth' off in this 'anonymous' medium in
ways they wouldn't face to face.

With all the blather all I was really trying to say is that I think for the
most part the people on this list are serious, with a life beyond the list.
And it may take a while for newcomers to find the equalibrium.

And I always appreciate the interjection of appeals for a higher more useful
purpose for the list. Plus the external world is clearly a factor - for
example on the crisis question - it will get to the point where as Woody
once said, 'the soup is so thin, that even the academics will be able to see
through it.'

BTW at this point I think one of the most important uses of the net is to
get information around to like minded people. For example one of the main
purposes of 'rednet' is to exchange articles and papers between CP's. It has
proven quite useful to our work. I also use the net to access raw data for
articles. And we send around alerts and notices of interesting rallies,
meetings, conferences, and demonstrations to comrades in different parts of
the country.

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