Italian autonomist movement

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Wed Jun 14 22:06:14 MDT 1995

Thanks to Nello for his informative posts, imperfect English and all.

The Negri and Guattari book mentioned, *Communists Like Us*, is available
from Autonomedia, P.O. Box 568, Bklyn, NY 11211 for US $7.00.

Another book, relating to Italian marxist feminism has also just come out
from Autonomedia called *The Arcane of Reproduction* by Leopoldina
Fortunati. The subtitle is "Housework, Prostitution, Labor and Capital."
It is an attempt, using Marx's work (particularly *German Ideology*,
*Theories of Surplus Value*, *Grundrisse*, and *Capital* Vol I), to
demonstrate that Marxists erred in considering only the importance of
production (waged work of male proletariat) and not also the sphere of
reproduction (non-waged work of female proletariat). She argues that
reproduction work is in fact productive in the sense of creating value,
and that struggles in the family are as important as those in the factory
	I've read some of it, and I found it slow going. The author is
repetitious and her tone is a bit hectoring. This may be a sign of its
age (it took years for this book to come out in English). But some of you
may get more out of it. It certainly is very different from U.S.
feminism, which broke off with marxism a long time ago.

And now, a question for Nello: What is the autonomist movement in Italia
doing these days? Most of us are familiar with it only through the
writings of Negri and a few other intellectuals, who you say are not well
respected by radicals in Italy today.


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