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Scott Marshall Scott at
Thu Jun 15 05:48:20 MDT 1995


I'd love a copy:

Scott Marshall
3116 S. Halsted
Chicago, Il 60608


>I have just received a number of copies
>of the left journal 'The Somerset Clarion'
>which includes interesting articles on
>Glasgow rent strikes after 1st World War
>Lawrence Dailey and the Fife Socialist League
>The collapse of NHS dentistry in Bridgewater
>and much more.
>In an act of international socialist goodwill
>I'm willing to send, entirely free of charge,
>copies of this issue (no 37) of the Clarion
>to the first 5 comrades who e-mail me their
>s-mail addresses. I will also include the
>latest free newsheet from The Bristol
>Communists with extracts including Boris
>Karglitzky (?) on the resurgence of the
>russian left and its prospects for the december
>elections and an article from CARFE
>(Campaign Against Racism and Fascism) on
>the resurgence of scientific racism.
>So e-mail me those addresses folks!!!
>PS I am a socialist trade union activist
>(a university technician) in Bristol, England
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