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ANIELLO MARGIOTTA amargiotta at synapsis.it
Thu Jun 15 16:00:52 MDT 1995

>>>> Joseph F. Lockard <lockard at netvision.net.il>  6/14/95, 12:40am
>This point is important because insofar as English has become the
>globalNet medium, it can be employed to exclude and alienate
>non-native English speakers from discussions.  Linguistic intolerance
>is not only bad manners, it's a massive political mistake for it
>ignores a diversity of voices.  ....
>Ciao, JOE

Nello :
I am sorry with purists but cultural dominion of a language has always
in non-native or culturally dominated a development, maybe unconsciosly of riot,
towards a strong contamination. In USA this is clear in blacks' slung and
like it happens for maya indigenous in Mexico, irish in Ireland , Catalanouse in
Spain and others. I personally don't love english like don't love italian
usually talk in neapolitan.

Ciao, Nello


            il sonno della ragione genera mostri

            the sleep of reason generate monsters

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