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Thu Jun 15 22:27:09 MDT 1995

>Guy and Scott raise some interesting questions about the Internet and its
>uses.  A few brief points:
>1) The Internet was established by the Pentagon for "national security"
>reasons.  Originally, the idea was that if one part of the Net got nuked
>they could still be able to communicate electronically with most other
>locations.  Given that background and the history of FBI and law
>enforcement violation of our constitutional rights, I take it for granted
>that anything I write on the Net can be intercepted and, possibly, used
>against me.  This is not a paranoid belief.

in italian cyberspace the news about late US law concerning crime in Internet
and generally the attitude of american government and press appear really
because internet isn't more an US affaire but it has a international
dimension so large
than the jurisdiction of an alone country cannot impose no law; infact a
recentely deliberete of european court affirm the extraterritoriality of
internet comunication.
Different is situation for local BBS ; italian law has imposed the
inscription like
newspaper to be able denounce the boss for slander crime, no more.
Others are for us the dangers: the hysteric attitude in US borns by the fear
for the incredible power that internet have to trasmit informations in whole
the world without
filter. Everyone know like economical and political power lives of
information and of control on informations so when Berlusconi buys a direct
line for connecting in internet and  managing a domaine spending billions of
LIT without a reasonable income
or when US universities declares they cannot more manage internet domaines
because high
costs we are worry for future.



            il sonno della ragione genera mostri

            the sleep of reason generate monsters

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