Italian autonomist movement

Thu Jun 15 22:26:00 MDT 1995

>And now, a question for Nello: What is the autonomist movement in Italia
>doing these days? Most of us are familiar with it only through the
>writings of Negri and a few other intellectuals, who you say are not well
>respected by radicals in Italy today.

a historical premise:
the italian movement 1977 was, I thing, the most serious attempt to change
in my country: in few mounths from universities to factories and still between
unemployeds and housewives, pensioners little tradersmen spontaneous
committees formed.
the slogan " Personal is political" was letterally applied : all was debated
in a wonderful euphoric climate. PCI wouldn't understand the reasons of
movement born out
and maybe against it; BR thought to elevate the throw of his revolutionary
plane and
so, without the capacity to express a winning unitary project, the state had
a good play in criming and putting out autonomist movement.
It has surlived in peacifist and ecologist movements in '80s years while
today a new
form of autonomist exsist in workers organizzations of COBAS (committees of
unemployeds organized and young social centers ,all near PRC, or almost
always protect by Comunist Party.
"Luckely" no intellectual has still theorize upon them.



            il sonno della ragione genera mostri

            the sleep of reason generate monsters

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