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On Thu, 15 Jun 1995, ANIELLO MARGIOTTA wrote:

> In Berlusconi TV all stars, anchormen, journalists are his supporters, so
> he appears in TV and say " Yes, I took the P2 card but only for make a plaesure
> to my and your friend X.Y., you know him : he is a good guy and a great writer,
> how is possible I and he two criminals ? " - spot - anchorman :" How is
> candid, good and fine my and your president."- spot- Beautiful soap opera -
> spot-.
> So people is happy, votes him and believes him persecuted.
> Have you understand ?

	Capisce.  Unless we can reach people with a critique of such
bullshit, they are going to continue to be played for suckers...

	It's nice to own your own propaganda organ...    |<


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