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Rob Frantz rfrantz at u.washington.edu
Fri Jun 16 11:46:57 MDT 1995

Scott Marshall wrote, concerning those who made socialism into a "dirty

> > What the hell do you think the
> > multibillion dollar US and Imperialist propaganda machine is - a paper
> > tiger? It's *bad* socialists that are the primary cause of anti-communism
> > and anti-socialism - give me a break. There is a class war and there is an
> > ideological struggle and contrary to what some here would like to believe
> > its primary form is not between different views of socialism (even in
> > socialist countries) - its between capitalism and socialism.

Scott, this only begs the question. Why is the US and Imperialist
propaganda machine so powerful and that of those countries you consider
"socialist" so weak in comparison? Why are they the winners and the
"socialists" the losers? If Marxism-Lenninism is such a powerful tool of
analysis and motivation, why is it performing so poorly in this class
struggle ideological war? You and your party hammer on this theme of
the power of the imperialist propaganda machine quite often and after
a while one feels one is dealing with an all-powerful Behemoth, endowed
with Satanic powers, carrying on its relentless struggle against the
Kingdom of God (the "socialist" movement), a struggle which your holy
forces seem to be losing battle after battle now.
In an earlier post, I said that your party has the attitude of a loser,
always blaming your adversary for your defeats. You claim moral superiority
over capitalsm. Prove it. You claim superiority in the possibilities for
economic prosperity. Prove it. You claim superiority in fostering democratic
participation of the masses. Prove it. And if you do prove it, believe me,
people will see it and the Imperialist Propaganda machine might just
seem a tiger made of paper after all.

Seattle, WA

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