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Fri Jun 16 14:34:54 MDT 1995

On Fri, 16 Jun 1995, zodiac wrote:

> Hi...
> This is a note, for those who notice the M/E Archive, both gopher and WWW
> version, is now gone. It has been disabled, at least temporarily, by the
> computer administrators at the University of Colorado.
> Recently, Fortune magazine mentioned the site -- in a slightly derogatory
> manner, which is not unexpected. However, this has apparently brought the
> site to the attention of various Colorado University elites. The site is now
> down -- if only temporarily. Apparently Karl Marx is still a dangerous
> man.  He's not politically correct in Republican states, at least.

	You are being FAR too charitable; you should be screaming BLOODY

	Let us remember to use THIS as just one more concrete example of
censorship the next time some pompous rightwing yerk says that we live in
a free society with NO censorship -- especially in 'The Academy'.

	I am going to distribute this letter around my FreeNet and to
various other organizations -- including radio -- with access to the

	Let's get back at the bastards -- even a little bit!!!

	Maybe a 'brouhaha' will even attract the attention of the SAME
Mass Media...

	In solidarity,


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