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Fri Jun 16 15:25:08 MDT 1995

On Fri, 16 Jun 1995, Christopher Gunn wrote:

> zodiac <zodiac at> wrote:
> >This is a note, for those who notice the M/E Archive, both gopher and WWW
> >version, is now gone. It has been disabled, at least temporarily, by the
> >computer administrators at the University of Colorado.
> Are there 'responsible' parties to whom complaints should be sent?
> Christopher Gunn                Molecular Graphics and Modeling Laboratory
> 1k1mgm at       University of Kansas
> Phone: 913-864-4428 or -4495    Malott Hall
>                                 Lawrence, KS  66045

	I have already forwarded the message to CIUT Radio in Toronto,
the Village Voice and even the ACLU (an admitted longshot...), as well as
family and friends as a fresh example of very real censorship.


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