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I am PRC member but cannot read often " Liberazione" PRC organ, too bore, I
prefer Manifesto and le Monde diplomatique and however there are comunist
journalists in every newspaper, right too, so until italian policy remains a
war of lobbies the press will be enough free, but the problem exists and is
great the danger of a closed free-press and a maccarhistic hunt to
comunist."il Manifesto" and " Avvenimenti " (into the WEB www.citinv.it look
better, there is, and you can download it completally) are become pubblic
company for surviving. Peacelink net has periodical telematic bullettin "
Voice to guys have no voice" of counter-information, while in ciberpunk net
are presented metropolitan social centers; so secrete services try to close
the nets but magistracy has recognized their diricts. It is preparing a law
about BBS and the struggle for his democratic form is still open.
Good marxist analysis I find on "RED FLAG",throskist bulettin, although they
are too
full of certitudes while I of doubts and questions. A good work makes CARN
and other
centers of documentation around workers' struggles in over the world.
Many fanzines circulate in local cultural associations ; femminsts and
groups of immigrant are their organs. All these pubblication have to fight
against high cost of paper and press.


            il sonno della ragione genera mostri

            the sleep of reason generate monsters

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