E-mail addresses in C.I.S.

Tom Condit tomcondit at igc.apc.org
Fri Jun 16 17:30:36 MDT 1995

Some e-mail addresses in the former USSR:

dhrr at glas.apc.org

This is the committe for democratic and human rights in russia.
I think you get Elizabeth Bowan if you send an e-mail message.
They have a number of detailed reports on the various communist
parties, etc., etc.

austgreen at glas.apc.org

This is Renfrew Clarke, a veteran Australian lefty reporting from

solidarnost at glas.apc.org

Just what it sounds like.

vbalog at glas.apc.org

Vassily Balog, who reports about Russian trade union activities.

radiolabour at glas.apc.org

Radio broadcast of "Labour Chronicle"

labfocus at gn.apc.org

This is the magazine Labour Focus on Eastern Europe.

rlrsf at igc.apc.org

This is the U.S. distributor of Russian Labour Review.  You can
probably get more addresses from them.

All of these people post regularly on the conference labr.cis on
the APC networks, if you can get them.  Labour Focus on Eastern
Europe also hosts a conference called labr.int.left for
international left discussion.

One or more of these addresses should plug you into as many more
as you can handle.


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