Contacting Boris Kagarlitsky

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Fri Jun 16 19:56:38 MDT 1995

On Fri, 16 Jun 1995, John Percy wrote:

> Boris Kagarlitsky can be contacted through Renfrey Clarke, the Moscow
> correspondent for the Australian publication Green Left Weekly. The email
> address is:
> austgreen at
> Articles by Boris Kagarlitsky are frequently carried by Green Left Weekly.
> Nearly every week in Green Left there's coverage of the former Soviet Union
> from Boris Kagarlitsky, Renfrey Clarke, or Irina Glushchenko. The full
> contents of the current issue of Green Left as well as back issues can be
> accessed in the greenleft conference carried by peacenet, pegasus etc.
> Subscriptions are available through greenleft at
> John Percy
> Green Left Weekly

	Great John!  What are the costs involved?


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