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Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Fri Jun 16 19:58:45 MDT 1995

Hey Rob,

And Rob said:

>Scott, this only begs the question. Why is the US and Imperialist
>propaganda machine so powerful and that of those countries you consider
>"socialist" so weak in comparison? Why are they the winners and the
>"socialists" the losers? If Marxism-Lenninism is such a powerful tool of
>analysis and motivation, why is it performing so poorly in this class
>struggle ideological war? You and your party hammer on this theme of
>the power of the imperialist propaganda machine quite often and after
>a while one feels one is dealing with an all-powerful Behemoth, endowed
>with Satanic powers, carrying on its relentless struggle against the
>Kingdom of God (the "socialist" movement), a struggle which your holy
>forces seem to be losing battle after battle now.

And Scott replied: Objectively capitalism is stronger - especially now with
the setbacks to socialism. Are you arguing that 'mioght makes right' - I
don't think it does. And 'winning' is not what I would call the state of
affairs today for capitalism. It's not working too well for theoverwhelming
majority of the worlds people.


>In an earlier post, I said that your party has the attitude of a loser,
>always blaming your adversary for your defeats. You claim moral superiority
>over capitalsm. Prove it. You claim superiority in the possibilities for
>economic prosperity. Prove it. You claim superiority in fostering democratic
>participation of the masses. Prove it. And if you do prove it, believe me,
>people will see it and the Imperialist Propaganda machine might just
>seem a tiger made of paper after all.


These are challenges that we have never flinched from in our 75+ year
history. Especially in the US we are up against what is indeed a very
powerful force - the belly of the beast. And at times they have thrown
everything short of fascism at us and never wiped us out. Lots of people
have been hurt and destroyed but never given up. That is not the record of
losers. But I think you should think about the nature of power and how it is
exercized by the state. This is not only a battle of ideas, it is a battle
of economics, social system, and politics.

Who wins and loses is yet to be seen. Our hope is for humanity.

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