False Consciousness

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Right, Raymond Williams is very good. Lukacs is very difficult. Mezaros
was his student.

Charles Mills has somje good papers on Marx and Engels on ideology,
criticizing McCarney, in Philosophical Forum, I think in 1993.

I have a piece on "The Paradox of Ideology," dealing with a somewhat
specialized question about ideology, in Canadian Hournal of Philosophy,
dec. 1993.

See also Jon Elster's "Belief, Bias, and  and Ideology," in Sour Grapes.

William Shaw has a nice piece on ideology in thed Neilsen and Patten
anthology, Analyzing Marx.

Of course there's also Gramsci, whose notion of hegemony is a central if
difficult developmenbt of the notion of ideology--see his Prison
Notebooks; for commentary, see Femia's Gramsci's Political Thought. Perry
Anderson has a long piece on G in an old New Left Review--No. 100, I
think, in 1977. He's more accessible and on this I think more important
than Lukacs, although L is theoretically wuite interesting. For commentary
on L, see Andrew Feenberg's Marx, Lukacs, and the Origins of Critical Theory.

A feminist writer who is good on this stuff is Sandra Lee Barkty, who has
written a book called, I think, Feminism and Domination.

Om a practical level, see Chomsky and Herman's Manufacturing Consent--gets
you into the nuts nd bolts of how ideology works in the media.

--Justin Schwartz

On Sat, 17 Jun 1995, Guy Yasko wrote:

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> > Joseph Gabel, False Consciousness
> > Terry Eagleton, Ideology
> > Martin Seligman, The Marxist Concept of Ideology
> > Joel Mccarney, The Real Worlf of Ideology
> > Istvan Mezaros, The Power of Ideology
> > Paul Thomas, Marx and the Anarchists (esp. chapter on Stirner)
> >
> The Eagleton book is good, if expensive.  I remember the examples he provided
> as being helpful while at the same time preserving the complexity and
> openness of the issues.  This is part of what makes the book better than
> Zizek's _Sublime Object of Ideology_ (another expensive Verso book),  As with
> Lacan himself, Z is an authoritarian which comes out in his pose of complete
> mastery of Lacan.
> I'd also suggest Raymond William's _Marxism and Literature_ , Lukacs (if I'm
> not mistaken, Istvan Mezaros was a student of Lukacs') _History and Class
> Consciousness_, the German Ideology, and the 18th Brumaire.   Slojterdijk's
> _Critique of Cynical Reason_ is a great read, too.
> g.y.
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