analysis of social classes

Sat Jun 17 20:58:52 MDT 1995

>Hello Nello,
>Unfortunately your reasonable question may generate theoretical
>Marx's account of classes tails off at the end of volume III of
>Capital after only just over a page.
>What principles do you think should guide the answers to your
>Chris Burford, London
>It is nice to have increasing contributions from Europ>

I apologize for my delay reply.
A start point is for me, but the debate is open in whole italian left, the
source by eqaution  higher productivity=no increase of employment
which demonstrates clearelly like umployment isn't more a conjunctural factor
but structural of a production system where toyotistic idea of integral factory
gives to workers a role of control upon robotic production getting out their
contractual power while decentralization of production and the displacement of
decisional choices in far anonymus rooms weeken the trade unions role.
THe struggle for "less work and more workers" is something but doesn't solve
the problem of lost centrality of workers' class.
I hope to continue and develope the analysis.


            il sonno della ragione genera mostri

            the sleep of reason generate monsters

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