Marx/Engels WWW Archive -- REMOVED

Sat Jun 17 20:59:27 MDT 1995

>To prevent anything like this ever happening again, I am interested in
>setting up the archive in various mirror sites around the world.  Ideally, at
>least one site in Europe, one in Australasia, and one in North America. That
>way it takes the load off a single system and means it can never be censored
>I'd appreciate hearing from people with the resources to house such a thing.
>One site would act as the "main site" at which M/E archivists would work,
>while the mirror sites would simply run update programs every two weeks or
>so. The site, since becoming WWWeb-ized, is naturally larger -- pix take up
>space and bandwidth.
>Thanks for listening.
>Piping Marx & Engels into cyberspace,

hi KEN,
I know Colorado site the most complete and visited by studiouses and
so I ,on sunday I will propose it, hope that my friends of " La citta'
Invisibile "
have interest in becaming a mirror site for this esteemed and fundamental


            il sonno della ragione genera mostri

            the sleep of reason generate monsters

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