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> On Sat, 17 Jun 1995, ANIELLO MARGIOTTA wrote:
> > Hi ,
> >  just this week you can find an interesting article on " Le monde
> > diplomatique"
> > www.ina.fr, with an international call to defende and improve the
> > democratic
> > connect in internet like, I quote, " a civil arm in the long struggle for
> > democracy ".
> 	Thanx for the link!


I haven't checked lately, but the last time I went into their archives, LMd had
only gotten as far as the '94 issues.  I'm not so sure they make it a policy to
put the latest issue on line.  You can get it here without going into Tokyo, so
would assume it's widely available in Canada, too.

They've recently come out with a German edition, so any German readers
dying to read LMd but unable to read French can now do so.  It would be nice
if they put out an English edition to help widen the scope of debate elsewhere.


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