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>The easiest way to get in touch with DSA is through its WWW page:
>I am not a disinterested observer, here. At the point of its founding (1984),
>I was one of the two full-time national leaders to come from the New American
>Movement. Although I still pay dues, I have become skeptical that there is
>meaningful political space in the US, at this conjuncture, for an
>organization so defined, or that the form the next resurgence of the
>democratic left will take will be 'socialist'. Nonetheless, it does not seem
>like there are many very reasonable organizational alternatives lurking out
>there. (Having put these cards on the table, I will put on my asbestos suit
>and wait for the flames...)

I'm no fan of DSA, but what ever does this mean? We should wait until the
"space" is friendlier to socialism? Hope the "conjuncture," which is in
part made by the weakness and lack of conviction of socialist and social
democratic forces, passes? We should junk the word in deference to the
constraint? And just what is a "democratic left" if it isn't socialist at
least in spirit?

This is further confirmation of my suspicions that "radical democracy" is
just an evasion, a dodge, a hopeless waffle.



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