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Jim Jaszewski ab975 at main.freenet.hamilton.on.ca
Sat Jun 17 17:09:32 MDT 1995

On Sun, 18 Jun 1995, Guy Yasko wrote:

> I haven't checked lately, but the last time I went into their archives, LMd had
> only gotten as far as the '94 issues.  I'm not so sure they make it a policy to
> put the latest issue on line.  You can get it here without going into Tokyo, so
> would assume it's widely available in Canada, too.

	Aren't most magazines aiming for their last edition but one?

	No one buys yesterdaze news, and it wouldn't be much skin off
their backs to put it up soon after the paper edition hits the garbage.

	The only caveat to that would be an international paper like Le
Monde -- being destributed around the world, it could take a week or two
for some editions to reach their destinations. In cases like that, being
off a few weeks would be 'ok'... I guess...  |<

> It would be nice
> if they put out an English edition to help widen the scope of debate

	It would be MORE than nice!! We are DROWNING under a deluge of
capitalist propaganda masquerading as news! Look at that useless 'Paper
of Record' -- the New York Times (forget about TV..!)

	Not that Le Monde isn't run by capitalists, but at least they're
not the same lot 'doin' da deeds' to us as what owns the papers. At least
they, in their competition with OUR capitalists, have no ulterior motives
or hidden agendas which need implementing upon us...!

	All this might be a moot point -- Le Monde Diplomatique was not
available from that menu last night, nor were any of the other choices! I
assume the link was temporarily 'down'...

	Jim Jaszewski
	jjazz at freenet.hamilton.on.ca

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