Contacting Boris Kagarlitsky

John Percy johnp at
Sat Jun 17 22:09:00 MDT 1995

In response to queries about Boris Kagarlitsky and Green Left Weekly...

To get Green Left Weekly posted to North America:
22 issues air $60(Aust), sea $35(Aust)
44 issues air $120(Aust), sea $70(Aust)

(Most of this cost is the postage, it's a 32 page newspaper, and Australian
postal charges are high.)

We'll also have our own WWW page up and running soon, with the current issue
and back issues available. I'll post details on the Marxism list when it's

If you have a particular interest in Boris Kagarlitsky you might also like
to check out a new magazine that we're also associated with, "Links -- an
international magazine of socialist renewal". It's a quarterly 128 page
magazine, and the 5th issue is just about ready for the printers. Boris has
had an article in each one, including the coming issue. Although it's
printed in Australia, North American distribution and subscriptions are
handled by Alex Chis in the Bay Area -- PO Box 8402, Berkeley, CA
94707-8402, USA. Email: achis at Alex Chis also handles North
American distribution of Russian Labour Review, which also carries material
by Boris Kagarlitsky and Renfrey Clarke.

In solidarity,
John Percy.

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