What good is dialectics?

SEFRO at aol.com SEFRO at aol.com
Sun Jun 18 06:25:28 MDT 1995

I don't know much about it either, but I  somehow think that our life and our
world have polarities, or opposing aspects of them, and in the approach to
reality there  are two generally opposing views: the MECHANICISTIC approach
 (things would be separate and basically do not change)and  the DIALECTIC one
(the reality is in constant flow; the conflict between contraries gets
resolved into a different higher level, and on and on, for ever and ever).
The political connotations (sorry for the heresy) are something else. There
is not absolute political true, only whatever is good for the particular
group for the benefit of which the particular political ideology exists.
Therefore, I have no doubt that there is no monopoly on the use of a
dialectic method . I do not know if it made some sense. Hopefully I will
think on this some more. Thank you all.

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