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I am getting the definite impression that there are those here who
would instantaneously gravitate towards waxing eloquent _only_ on
all that went above -- as it is abstract structure, requiring no
actual personal commitment or risk -- but I, for one, am _much_
more interested in the below!


What I was trying to say was that in a dynamic system like
society. there must be a system of constant feedback and
flexability to maintain some sort of stability. It is not possible
for any small group or individual to monitor let alone control or
act in a sensible manner to guide the whole of society.

For example the brain does not have a central information storage
system. It is distributed so that there is damage limitation.
Certain functions of the human body are controlled by automatic
feedback systems. However a simple act like walking involves
almost the whole brain. There is no major control centre. If one
part of the brain is destroyed, the organism can continue
sometimes almost unimpaired.

The organisation of a socialist society should mirror the
structure of the brain rather than that of the automobile.


	Doesn't the idea of the Soviet represent the best solution
this problem?


What is a soviet? It was originally constituted as a committee
repreasenting a section of society at various levels. The Village
soviet, the soldiers soviet, the soviet of peasants and workers.
and so on.

I suppose the present day equivalents would be the Mothers Union
committee, the Shopstewards committee, the University senate (If
it were elected) and so on.

The Supreme Soviet was supposed to be a committee of committees.
It degenerated into a puppet of the CPSU since in all the soviets
the party took the leading positions.

To my mind the socialist state should be a facilitator of the
organisations of the people. Coordinating and assisting them to
run the society.

It needs a radical rethinking of the structure of socialism. Not
the principals of socialism.

Ron Press

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