Brad Mayer: left-wing socialist?

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Jun 18 18:07:46 MDT 1995

On Sun, 18 Jun 1995, Bradley Mayer wrote:

>     Yes, these "right wing socialist" discussions have always struck me
> as hackneyed, one-sided and, ultimately, boring.  It is as if the fate
> of the Soviet Union had nothing to do with the historical legacy of
> Tsarist backwardness, nor with the intenational situation that Soviet
> Russia found itself in after 1917.  It is as if Lenin never pinned his
> hopes for the Russian Revolution upon the outcome of socialist
> revolution in Central and Western Europe, in relation to which the
> revolution in Russia was but an "advanced *detachment*"; and, when
> these hopes proved for naught (with some help from "right wing
> socialists" Ebert and Scheidemann) in the early 1920s' [clip]
                      B. L. Mayer
                      Movmiento por los Derechos de los Immigrantes
>                     Oakland, CA

Louis Proyect:
You denounce "right-wing" socialists on this list as if they were the
equivalent of Ebert and Scheidemann. Does this imply that you put
yourself on the same plane politically as Rosa Luxembourg and Karl
Liebknecht? What exactly are your credentials? How long have you been
involved in socialist politics, and in what manner? What mass movements
have you been in the leadership of? Do you belong to some kind of
"vanguard" party? Socialist leaders emerge not on the basis of having
some kind of "uncompromised" left-wing political program, but on the
basis of the class-struggle fights they have have engaged in and *won*.

I would suggest that people on this list, including myself, enjoy a good
debate but nobody likes being linked with the murderers of Rosa
Luxembourg. You state that these "right wing" socialist discussions are
boring. Why don't you make an effort to be the opposite of boring? If the
above remarks are typical of what you deem to be enlightening, may I
suggest you have to work a lot harder.

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