Solicitation of Articles: "Latest Developments in Marxist Theory"

Paul Zarembka ECOPAULZ at
Mon Jun 19 10:26:08 MDT 1995

			    Solicitation of Papers


				Volume 15

		    edited by Paul Zarembka and Ajit Sinha
        SUNY at Buffalo, USA, and University of Newcastle, Australia

		    "Latest Developments in Marxist Theory"

The intent of this special issue is to bring together serious intellectual
work in the latest developments in Marxist Theory, broadly interpreted.
The RESEARCH is an annual volume, published since 1977 by JAI Press,
Greenwich, Connecticut, and is able to publish articles as long as fifty
pages in print.  We would be particularly interested in more comprehensive
work, rather than shorter pieces, but would be prepared to entertain all
proposals.  We have a commitment for a paper on Marx and Kalecki by Bruce
MacFarlane, but do not want to thereby suggest any delimitation to "economic"
issues only.

Show of interest deadline: July 31, 1995

Submission of Paper deadline: October 31, 1995

Respond to either Paul Zarembka, ecopaulz at, or
                  Ajit Sinha, ecas at

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