"marxism", "dialectics" and "science"

Mon Jun 19 11:22:19 MDT 1995

As a co-moderator, perhaps I should point out that
1.  being "a marxist" is not required for those posting to this list.
2.  no one is in charge of defining "marxism" on this list.
3.  a supportive explanation of one's own point of view is
    encouraged and informative

As a scientist, a socialist and student of marxian thought, I have
several questions:


Is the "dialectical method" of analysis supposed to replace the
hypothetico-deductive method?  In all fields or only in particle
physics?  How and why?  According to whom?

Does being "status quo" automatically invalidate all results of a
method?  Or are there some other relevant factors, in your view?

And especially, Jim, what are the valuable aspects of
Lamarckianism??? in modern biology?


Jim J. wrote:
I am unclear on something here.  Are you a marxist? Or is this
knee-jerk reaction to using the dialectical method -- instead of the
'empirical' 'logical' (the actual term escapes me) status quo beloved
of bourgeois scientists -- simply a conditioned reflex developed from
spending so many years in a bourgeois university environment??  :)

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