about science and dialectic

aniello margiotta amargiotta at synapsis.it
Mon Jun 19 21:55:17 MDT 1995

Just some simple observations about this theme:
I thing western science passed in 18th century from Church's dominion to
and military dominion and the disjuction between philosofical and scientific
served to free scientists by ethic problem; previously nothing could be
investigated out Bible's teaching afterward nothing out economical interess.
I don't believe the goal of science is knowledge of natural processes but
the economical use of mathematical formulation
interpretative of these processes. While nature is a open system
dialectically regulated by thermodinamic enthropic law and cinethic
equilibrium law science continues to research , in a close system ,means of
dominion upon nature.
All our scintific culture is limited by the concept of observer. So human
( named science only if respect mathematic models ) reflect the same limit;
mankind isn't studied in his dialectic existence but like the object to set
upon the dominion of capital.


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