Paul_Cockshott wpc at cs.strath.ac.uk
Tue Jun 20 03:57:24 MDT 1995

Scott says that he doubts that random selection
and term limits would work since parties would
circumvent them.

I dont think that they can easily be circumvented,
they can be abolished but that is a different matter.
I am assuming that the choice of delegates would be
by some form of public drawing of lots at
mass meetings.

I think that were such a system to exist, the
nature of political parties would change. They
would be forced to follow a mass line, since it
is only by winning over a substantial fraction
of the population that they could could count
on getting representatives chosen.

However, as the most articulate and dedicated
people, one would expect party militants to
have a disproportionate influence on any
representative body to which they were selected.
I think that it mean that the party had a real
leading as opposed to commanding role in society.

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