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Justin Schwartz jschwart at freenet.columbus.oh.us
Tue Jun 20 08:17:17 MDT 1995

On Mon, 19 Jun 1995, Lisa Rogers wrote:

> Then, does communist/socialist ideology hide antagonism within
> society?  I would expect so.
> I think it was Jerry Levy who suggested the topic of studying
> contradictions within socialist societies.  I like the idea.  Anyone
> else?

Unfortunately it's sort of hard to study the mnembers of the null set.
Unlike Jerry (I think) and Scott, i don't think there have been socialist
societies to study. Studying the contradictionos in Stalinist socoeties
is of course a worthwhile enterprise. Chairman Mao has a ujseful essay on
Contradictions Among the People. Also contradictions in varioius
(nonStalinist) attempts at worker control, e.g., Mondragon, the
kibbutizim, the communes of the Spanisah Civil War, etc.

--Justin Schwartz

> Lisa
> >>> Jukka Laari <jlaari at tukki.jyu.fi>  6/18/95, 01:09pm >>>
> .... Zizek's point is that ideology doesn't concern  anymore
> representation ('epistemological problematics'), but rather the
> structuration of the social ('ontological problematics'): social is
> (always?) structured so that it hides the fundamental antagonism at
> the  bottom of the social. For example, in capitalism class struggle
> marks  that basic antagonism....
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