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Greg Bard gregbard at
Wed Jun 21 02:25:04 MDT 1995

Hello Folks,
	My name is Greg and I'm a talk radio junkie. I'm also a liberal.
There is, as I'm sure you are aware, almost no representation of our
point of view on talk radio.
	This weekend however there is going to be a one time opportunity
that we all should take advantage of. Substituting for Jim Hightower is a
man named BERNIE WARD. He has been hosting the late night slot on KGO in
San Francisco for many years now. He is the most powerful voice for our
cause I have ever heard.
	By day he works as an investigative reporter. In the past he has
been a teacher, a congressional aide, and a newspaper columnist. By night
he speaks of the MYTH of Horatio Alger, the evils of unfettered
capitalism, and encourages people to identify themselves as WORKERS. He
has a strong Jesuit education and therefore uses impeccable LOGIC
 in refuting his detractors (Yes, it is amazing to hear on radio.) He's
far more substantial than Hightower. Hightower's good, but no match.
 	Please give a listen this Sat and Sun 6/24-25 10am-1pm PST on
your local ABC radio station. Then write to ABC and tell them that this
is what you want to hear! We need a voice on nat'l radio. You be the
judge. If you know Bernie spread the word!
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