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I have been speaking to my mate in Bristol.  He is a theoretical
Physisist and was active in the 60's in the student revolts on the
continent. He also studied under Bohm and knew Feyerabend..
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Feyerabend, for all his wackiness, has philosophical talent as
wello as knowledge of physics and its history in spades. Against
Method is actually

He sais that Feyerabend was a student of Popper. He fell out with
him. Popper has it seemed accused him of pinching some of his
ideas at some stage. My mate classifies Feyerabend as a lefty
anarchist. For example he supported the Black Panthers at Berkely
when they wanted Black Studies because he said If we have White
Science why should we not have Black Magic.

He assesses Feyerabend as quoting Marks, Engels, Mao, etc more as
a way of cocking a snook at the establishment than in all

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The object of study of the social sciences has the peculiar
feature that it is sustained (reproduced or transformed to use
Bhaskar's terms) only in and through the intentional activity of
living human beings

The so called peculiar feature mentioned above is not peculiar to
social science. The observer in quantum experiments only observes
by having a highly significant intervention in the system and
changing it

In many experiments, not only physics and  quantum mechanics, the
way the experiment is set up determines the results that come out.

He sais that in the last five years there have been important
developments in this field where the philosophical problems which
had been sst aside and disgarded are reemerging with a vengence.
He quotes The new cosmology and the ideas which are emerging at
times near the so called big bang are creating a new view of
Quantum Mechanics. There are also new fields of high energy
electronics which call into question the certainties of Quantum

His mare also a student of Bohm has written a book on some of
these matters, it is by Peter Holland, called Quantum Theory of
Motion. I have had alook at it but it is a bit ( a big bit) beyond
my mathematics.

Let us not build a chinese ( or an Iron curtain) between the
various reflections in our brains which arise when we look at the
world, be we scientists, philosophers, or workers.

Ron Press.

Bsc Chemical Engineering, PhD Physical Chemistry, Prison graduate,
trade union secretary, exile, and member of the ANC and SACP. I
think that makes me a jack of all trades and a master of none.

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