FBI Gassing at Waco

Greg Bard gregbard at ecst.csushico.edu
Wed Jun 21 14:18:55 MDT 1995

Gassing at Waco :

With respect and admiration I commend the Los Angeles Times and the
Sacramento Bee newspapers for printing Glenn F. Bunting's article, "How
FBI used lethal gas to 'save' Waco children" (in Sacto. Bee; Forum, June
11), detailing the FBI's application of poison ("tear") gas during its
extermination operation against the Branch Davidian community at Waco,
Texas, two years ago.  The readers and subscribers of those newspapers
can be proud of the courage their editors have shown by printing that
You can further be certain that by doing so they will not have made any
friends in the Federal police apparatus. If, or how, the FBI might
retaliate against those papers is anybody's guess.

Bunting's background research regarding the mandated conditions for using
CS gas reveals new facts which fit interestingly with information already
available.  The FBI is known to have had extremely sensitive and
sophisticated surveillance devices focused on the Branch Davidian
compound during the seige, especially audio equipment of phenomenal reach
and precision which can, among other things, digitally enhance and even
'reconstruct' conversations from the other side of walls.  This technical
capability allowed them to monitor and record everything going on in
there the whole time.  Although the actual logs and tapes of this
surveillance were excluded -- as a "sensitive security matter" -- from
the subsequent trial of the survivors, it is reasonable to assume that the
FBI's listening system continued throughout the entire attack the morning
of April 19, 1993.  Thanks to Bunting's article we can now surmise what
was heard and recorded: children retching and gasping in the spasms of
suffocation; mothers, themselves dying in agony, screaming for their
children to be spared; the men, also dying, frantically trying to break
through to clean air, only to be repeatedly driven back by volleys of
poison gas that were concentrated at each breach they made.

The FBI was listening in on all this while it was happening, yet it
continued to shoot in the gas for another four hours.  Finally, when
there were no more sounds to be picked up, the fire was set, "securing
the target" while destroying most of the evidence.  "Mission Accomplished."

My question for the FBI is; when you replay those tapes,do you feel
pleasure and a sense of fulfillment? Do you listen with satisfaction,
hearing the lullaby of a job well done?

It is not easy to kill an adult human being, not much easier to kill a
child.  The skill to efficiently perpetrate mass murder such as was done
at Waco that day is a learned art, based on experience and careful
planning.  Clearly, Attorney General Janet Reno and FBI Director Louis
Freeh have studied the works of the Masters, Heinrich Himmler and Adolph
Eichmann, and thus have learned a thing or two about the use of corrosive
and suffocating gases in confined spaces.

David A. Lomba --  Oroville, CA

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