FBI Gassing at Waco -Reply

Wed Jun 21 16:05:40 MDT 1995

Tear gas = cyanide ??  The FBI set the fire ??  I'm not very
interested in David Lomba's "surmises."  I'm no fan of the FBI, but
neither am I a fan of wackos such as Waco's; put either type in
charge and you get something like facism.

I also think Lomba and company give the FBI far too much credit for

And Greg, if you want to send stuff like this to marxism-list, it
would be nice if you add some comment, because I am curious about why
you sent it, what you think about it, or something.  Otherwise, it
doesn't have context.  Of course, it did elicit this response.  Is
that all you wanted?

'Nuff said on my part.
Lisa Rogers

>>> Greg Bard <gregbard at ecst.csushico.edu>  6/21/95, 02:18pm >>>

Gassing at Waco :

With respect and admiration I commend the Los Angeles Times and the
Sacramento Bee newspapers for printing Glenn F. Bunting's article,
"How  FBI used lethal gas to 'save' Waco children" (in Sacto. Bee;
Forum, June  11), detailing the FBI's application of poison ("tear")
gas during its  extermination operation against the Branch Davidian
community at Waco,  Texas, two years ago.  (snip)  Thanks to
Bunting's article we can now surmise what was heard and recorded:...
Finally, when  there were no more sounds to be picked up, the fire
was set, "securing  the target" while destroying most of the
....  The skill to efficiently perpetrate mass murder such as was
done  at Waco that day is a learned art, based on experience and
careful  planning.  Clearly, Attorney General Janet Reno and FBI
Director Louis  Freeh have studied the works of the Masters, Heinrich
Himmler and Adolph  Eichmann, and thus have learned a thing or two
about the use of corrosive  and suffocating gases in confined spaces.

David A. Lomba --  Oroville, CA

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