moderator is not editor

Wed Jun 21 17:32:28 MDT 1995

Frankly, I don't know what moderator may mean on other lists.  But on
this list, it does NOT mean editor, censor, or anybody who reads
posts before they go to the list.

NOBODY reads posts before they go to this list.

ANYBODY can post directly to the list if they have the address that
we all post to.

I am a designated co-moderator and Howie is another one.  But our
jobs are not well defined.  Anyone who wants to is free to speak up
about anything, including list-etiquette, etc. and they do!  We do
not decide the topics that are discussed except as any participant
does, by participating.

We also are not designated bouncers.  People with styles or contents
that are not appreciated by many here will figure it out by the
responses [or lack thereof] which they receive from any and many

The group of people who run this group of lists (the Spoon
Collective) includes "techies" who deal with hardware and software of
running lists, as well as participating in the lists of their choice.
I am not one of those, so my contribution is to be in terms of
watching and participating in the list, and discussing with other
spooners such as Howie and Jon any issues that may need to be decided
by owners / runners of lists.

Some of this information was in the first post you each received from
majordomo when you first subscribed to marxism-list.  I am making it
part of my job to try to answer such questions as they come up.

I really think of this list as self-moderated, (although surely if
everyone would moderate themselves a bit more, there would be less
flaming.)  In fact, if I were editor, I could knock off plenty of
stuff that I don't care for, but we all didn't subscribe just to hear
what some censor might allow on the list, did we?


The membership is determined by each individual's decision to

It is all a fascinating example of some kind of self-organizing, or a
way that individuals relate to each other and create something by
those acts of relation which did not exist before....

Yours in discourse,

P.S. It may seem that I'm speaking for Howie, and I do think that we
agree, but if he agrees or disagrees, I trust he'll feel free to
speak up.  He gets to define his own job too.  L.R.

>>> Bernard J. Goitein <bjg at>  6/21/95, 04:01pm
This is a moderated list, no?  so the  moderator has checked over the
post, and thinks it's legitimate enough to  pass on? looks like it
should stay in alt.conspiracy.....

On Wed, 21 Jun 1995, Greg Bard wrote: snip
> FBI used lethal gas to 'save' Waco children" (in Sacto. Bee; Forum,
June  > 11), detailing the FBI's application of poison  etc.,etc.
> David A. Lomba --  Oroville, CA

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