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Wed Jun 21 19:00:44 MDT 1995

On Wed, 21 Jun 1995, Justin Schwartz wrote that Feyerabend would

> regard the right-wing libertarianism of Hayek and Mises as antagonistic to
> liberty, and would hate the company they keep.

	I don't have any specific references for Feyerabend on Hayek and
Mises, but he did say this about Ayn Rand (though Rand was not as kind to
him!).  He said that Rand "is much better than most academics."  He
enjoyed her "juicy tales full of sex, industrial espionage, murder, mystery,
and at the climax introduces her beloved Aristotle (ATLAS SHRUGGED--a
story I read with considerable pleasure).  And Aristotle, as far as I can
see, by far exceeds all existing 'thinkers' in versatility and depth. . .
I prefer [Rand] to Derrida and Foucault any time."
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