particle physics

Rahul Mahajan rahul at
Wed Jun 21 20:51:24 MDT 1995

Thanks for the post, Ron. As far as I know, nothing in high-energy
electronics calls into question any certainties of quantum mechanics. The
other way around, quantum electronics will soon be coming up against
fundamental quantum physical limits, but I don't know of anyone who thinks
that those limits will be invalidated. My understanding is that we're
getting close to the stage where we can directly test some of those limits
like whether the undertainty product really is greater than or equal to
Planck's constant over 4 pi. I'm pretty confident QM will pass those tests,
because it could hardly have passed so many others without having this
structure, which itself implies such results.

Let's not build any walls between intellectual (and non-intellectual)
disciplines. But when a discipline builds up an extensive body of results
based on a certain formal structure, there's only so much you can say about
it without at least mastering the structure. Even so, it's interesting to
at least notice certain similarities between very different ways of
thinking -- e.g., do "orthodox" social sciences and natural science share
the problem of "reductionism," whatever it's really supposed to mean.


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