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Jonathan P. Beasley-Murray jpb8 at
Thu Jun 22 03:05:30 MDT 1995


Just thought I'd say that I very much agrtee with Lisa's recent post on
the (non/semi)moderation of this list.

I'm still in the UK, and haven't manged to keep track of the goings on of the list
as much as I'd like to.  I want to go back over the discussion of science/chaos
becaue, as I was telling Chris Burfurd, I'm interested in some of what's
coming out of complexity theory as a way of bridgin the social science/
philosophy divide that marks both this list and other sites of debate.

IOn the meantime, however, I've been hearing a little about Krondatiev
waves, and wondered if anyone had any thought about these--they've been
touted to me as examples of chaotic organization in the economy.

I also wonder about complexity rejuvenating a left theory of  subjectivity.


Take care

Jon, Chelmsford, Exxex (oops! Essex!)
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