More on Dialectics and Science

Justin Schwartz jschwart at
Thu Jun 22 06:07:41 MDT 1995

Indeed! On THIS we agree more than not.

Oh, I meant to add to the note on F & R that _of course_ Aristotle is a
greater than any philosophers we have around today. Who would say
otherwise? Hegel and Kant are the next nearest in modern times. (Marx I
don't count, exactly, as a philosopher.)  --Justin

On Wed, 21 Jun 1995, Chris M. Sciabarra wrote:

> A quick note... thanks Justin for your reply on this.  Just wanted to
> clarify a single point:  yes, I think that other approaches have
> something of value to offer too.  I agree with you though, that there is
> a serious problem when such other approaches (e.g., rational choice)
> think that what they offer is ALL there is to offer.  Wow... we really do
> agree more than we disagree.  This is scandalous!
> :)
> - Chris
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