More on Dialectics and Science

aniello margiotta amargiotta at
Thu Jun 22 15:36:58 MDT 1995

>As far as the process of coming up with ideas and hypotheses goes, of
>course embrace methodological pluralism. Not just dialectical analysis --
>if an idea comes to you in a dream, there's no less reason to try it out
>once you get it. That's how Kekule solved the structure of benzene.

I thing Kekule's dream is a scientific legend; and he didn't solve the
structure, he proposed a model accepted like good. Are electrons agree ? Why
are aromatic polyciclicies so cancergenous ? Why do unlead gasoline
combustion produce so much of it? And why do we insist to define unlead
gasoline ecological ( GREEN GASOLINE, in ITALY) ?


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