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Rahul Mahajan rahul at
Thu Jun 22 10:18:49 MDT 1995

Nello wrote:

>I thing Kekule's dream is a scientific legend; and he didn't solve the
>structure, he proposed a model accepted like good. Are electrons agree ? Why
>are aromatic polyciclicies so cancergenous ? Why do unlead gasoline
>combustion produce so much of it? And why do we insist to define unlead
>gasoline ecological ( GREEN GASOLINE, in ITALY) ?

Kekule's dream may well be a legend -- I read it in the standard heroic
popular science accounts for the uninformed. When you say the model is
"accepted like good," you seem to imply that you have some doubts on it. Do
you seriously think there is any room for question on such basic points? As
for your other questions, they're important, but not relevant to the
structure of benzene.

Are you implying that unleaded gasoline is environmentally less sound than
leaded because of higher production of aromatic polycyclics? That would be
an interesting assertion -- I know nothing about it myself.

When you teach science in school, do you teach it as a relativist?


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