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Thu Jun 22 23:16:03 MDT 1995

> As far as the process of coming up with ideas and hypotheses goes, of
> course embrace methodological pluralism. Not just dialectical analysis --
> if an idea comes to you in a dream, there's no less reason to try it out
> once you get it. That's how Kekule solved the structure of benzene.
> It's when it comes to justification of ideas that you have to be a little
> more rigorous.
> Rahul

Dialectics as method will embrace all the "rigour" you throw at
it.  I did not suggest methodological relativism nor "anything goes"
but pluralism.  Dialectics can imbrace (not supersede, nor replace)
an analytical moment, historical moment, sociological moment, etc.
but it *should not* do so at the expense of relevance or
philosophical intigrity.  Much of analytical marxism, neo-marxism and
especially post-marxism does exactly this.

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