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Fri Jun 23 14:06:11 MDT 1995

>Rahul wrote me:
> When you say the model is
>"accepted like good," you seem to imply that you have some doubts on it. Do
>you seriously think there is any room for question on such basic points? As
>for your other questions, they're important, but not relevant to the
>structure of benzene.
>Are you implying that unleaded gasoline is environmentally less sound than
>leaded because of higher production of aromatic polycyclics? That would be
>an interesting assertion -- I know nothing about it myself.
>When you teach science in school, do you teach it as a relativist?

Nello reply:

1865 Kekule's modhel was first reasonable for benzene structure, it put on
of equilibrium between two different structures (double conjugated tie) but
today it
is largely overcome by resonance theory that explain how molecular structure of
hybrid of resonance with delocalizated electrons and every ties C-C equal
with same energy, middle between a single and a double tie, is more steady
than two different
Kekule's structures and better approchs experimental behaviour of benzene .
You can read about debate on Kekule's dream on "Chemical and Engineering
news " nov. 4
1985, pp. 22-23.
I thing but I am not the only one, unlead gasoline is a scientific and
industrial scandal to send smoke devices and less octane gasoline
counterfeiting it like ecological solution. I try to teach chemistry like a
dialectic process to approch the
veritable structure and behaviour of matter; I start by historical study of
scientifical research to explain how every mathematic modhel can be overcome
by other
using better analysis investigation methods and that every laws aren't the
truth but a good way to understand.
Could you me address some intertesting mailing-list of chemistry teachers or
scientific subject ?

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