Edmund Wilson

Jorge.E.Pedraza at williams.edu Jorge.E.Pedraza at williams.edu
Fri Jun 23 07:31:16 MDT 1995

Hi Steve,

Haven't read the Wilson, but I'm intrigued by the notion of a poet of
commodities.  That's my line of work (literary crit).  Where by the way,
did you get that fabulous Cesaire quote? My guess is Cesaire has Flaubert
in mind when he says that...the dancing bear thing reminds me of a passage
in Madame Bovary (I think Rodolphe is about to write the "dear John" letter
to Emma and pulls out a box full of letters from previous affairs) where
the narrator talks about how language is like a cracked drum on which we
beat, thinking we are speaking to the angels, but in fact are simply making
bears dance.  It also reminds me of Rousseau on the philospher and
life/theatre (lettre to D'Alembert.)

Which brings me to my question to the "gang."  Someone mentioned a while
ago about how Marx (and E?) had planned on writing a whole book on Balzac.
Where does Marx say this?  I'm working on Balzac and PE and commodities
right now.

Jorge Pedraza

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