left and right swings

Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Fri Jun 23 20:06:27 MDT 1995

some time ago there was a post about someone who had been a functuionary of
the SWP who later turned up as a Bircher. I was interested that anyone
thought this odd. Lenin and Marx both described the process well. The
'middle' stratas, including petty bourgois radicals are most influenced by
the class that is or seems to be in asendency at any particular moment. I
think that goes a long way in explaining the vascillating and often
hysterical ups and downs of some on the left. The setbacks to socialism was
a mighty blow to those without a Marxist, independent, working class view.
Everything is turned upside down and everything is up for grabs and
reevalutation and many find solace in agnosticism. And what is particularly
interesting to me is that this seems to most deeply affect those with two
seemingly opposite sets of ideas. Those most clingingly pro-Soviet and those
most violently anti-Soviet. Though both are decidedly one dimensional.

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