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Sat Jun 24 10:18:17 MDT 1995

>Has the advent of neo-fascism in Italy (Berlusconi et al.) affected
>teaching policy in the schools -- e.g., limits on what you can say that
>weren't there before?
In these days italian school is in struggle, without strikes because government
commanded teachers. The problem is a radical reform of school: right and
tried to impose  private structures same plane of pubblic school, reducing
but students, not theachers, stopped the project. Now trade unions have signed
a shameful agreement, wether economical than rulel but teachers rejected it
so all
is still treating and I am waiting a hot september; but the category is
politically feeble , corporative and age so only students' struggle can help
us, I thing.
The freedom of teaching is written in italian costitution and I have no-limits,
and nay in last years I often use chemistry to talk about racism, nazism and
to students who haven't a clear idea about it.
PDS and new left propose a mhodel of US school, with large autonomy of
single institute
joint-veture with private firms to improve economy and to make better
I defend pubblic schools like central problem of democracy and development
cultural and
thecnical of society.

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