The Grand Old Party (Remnant) {was "marxism", "dialectics" and "science"}

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Sat Jun 24 09:58:59 MDT 1995

Comfortable in the CPUSA! Sorry, folks, but this line is just too good to
pass up. It gets my old factional blood stirring.

The old veterans of the Socialist Party in DSA used to talk of themselves,
with some appropriately self-depreciation, as the "remnant of the remnant."
Now that Stalinism is dead in the motherland, and survives only in such
outposts of the future as North Korea, to what power of remnant is the CPUSA?

Which reminds me of an amusing story concerning the breakup of the Canadian
Communist  Party. The pro-reformers (the Canadian equivalent of the CofC is
the easiest way to describe them) had won the elections at the convention,
but due to the peculiarities of the history of the CPs incorporation, the
last of the die-hard Stalinists were still ensconced in the legal corporate
positions, and decided to fight out "ownership" of the party in the Canadian
courts. (No, I did not make this up!) An agreement was finally neotiated, and
guess what the Stalinists wanted -- the name Communist Party of Canada and
the warehouse full of Progress Publishers Books. The future of socialism in
Canada lies with the collected works of Brezhnev! And those foolish reformers
just walked away with the national newspaper and the party headquarters.

When I was in Canada a little more than a decade ago, the pro-reformers (then
Euro-Communists) had as their theme song that 1960s rock song "It's My Party
And I'll Cry If I Want To."

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