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	Ever heard of a SCANNER???     |>

	Any service bureau would have one -- then you could post
	it here..!

I wish we were so generously endowed with these sort of things in
the UK. If one is still employed, if one is rich, if one lives in
the belly of the beast, then these things are commonplace. If not
we just do our best.

Remember there are billions out there who have not even got
electricity or a telephone let alone a modem and a computer.

Ron Press

Us flowers live on the dunghills of the third world.

Ps I agree about the question of auto pollution. Best a car
without leaded petrol and with cat. If no cat then unleaded.
Diesel if best modern technology if not then it is bad. Far better
to walk. But then again we could swing like Tarzan in the tree
tops. Somehow there is a dialectic connection between pollution
and travel.

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