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Tom Condit tomcondit at
Thu Jun 22 06:36:08 MDT 1995

My previous post about the Independent Politics Summit in
Pittsburgh on August 18-20 had a wrong phone number.  (Acually,
it had the fax number repeated twice.)  The correct address,
etc., for further information is:
National Independent Politics Summit
c/o P. O. Box 170610,
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11217
Telephone 718-643-9603, fax: 643-8265.
e-mail: tglick at

The current list of sponsoring and endorsing organizations is:

Sponsoring organizations:
National People's Progressive Network
National Committee for Independent Political Action
California Peace and Freedom Party
Campaign for a New Tomorrow
The Greens/Green Party, U.S.A.
Pittsburgh Alliance for Progressive Action

Endorsed by Committees of Correspondence; Common Agenda
Coalition; Community Organizing Center, Columbus, O.; Conversion
for Reclaiming Earth in the Americas; Florida Coalition for Peace
and Justice; Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Boston, Ma.
District; Gay and Lesbian Resource Center, Ventura County, Ca.;
Grassroots Queers, N.Y.; The Hundredth Monkey; Hyde Park/Arragon
Park Improvement Committee, Augusta, Ga.; Indigenous World
Association; National Black Rank and File Exchange; New Jersey
Independents; Prison and Jail Project, Americus, Ga.; The Pure
Food Campaign; Project South; Solidarity; Southern Organizing
Committee for Economic and Social Justice

You can get further info from Ted Glick at the address above or I
can e-mail you a copy of the call for the conference if you
seen it.

In solidarity,

Tom Condit
Tom Condit
<tomcondit at>
1801-A Cedar Street
Berkeley, California 94703

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